Dr. Beatrice Golumb EMS Triggering Events Survey

These notes are taken verbatim from a slideshow lecture entitled “Diplomats’ Mystery Illness and Pulsed Radiofrequency Radiation” (wherein the so-called “Havana Syndrome” is discussed among other, related EMR issues), presented in 2021 as part of the EMF Medical Conference by

Beatrice A. Golomb, MD PhD
Professor of Medicine
San Diego School of Medicine

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In her slideshow/lecture Dr. Golumb asks such questions as

“What are predisposing factors…what kinds of features are associated with development of electrosensitivity (ES)……

Are there types of EMF that are more likely to trigger development of electrosensitivity (ES)?”

She expounds on her research:

“In a survey we conducted a few years ago…..that included a little over 200 electrosensitive people and about 50 healthy controls…..

“We asked the ES people if they recognized an inciting or triggering event, and close to 70% did – and by far the most commonly reported trigger was smart meters.

“But there are many potential inciting triggers that also include chemical exposures….this was also evident in our survey……so this, sort of strong pulses you get with (wireless) smart meters (SM) or banks of SMs seems to be particularly problematic for the induction of electrosensitivity, and this has been mirrored in some other people’s survey studies as well……

…..and I’ll mention that in almost every new release of an RF (radio frequency) emitting device (and of course, it is not necessarily just RF emitting) it has been tied to some people reporting problems – the range of inciting triggers that we’ve heard is quite broad, including somebody who worked with wildlife – putting radio collars on wildlife, and an architect who became electrosensitive after working with blue-tooth-enabled lighting devices; there is someone who’s fairly well known in the ES community who developed ES following exposure to dental x rays…..so, ionizing radiation in that (medical/dental) setting triggered electrosensitivity (ES).”


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