Happening Sept. 20/21 in MA, Hearings on No-Fee Smart Meter Opt-Out

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From Cece Doucette:  Public Comments Needed

1. There is a rift right now between the Senate and House in the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy. So each is going to hold its own hearing, now Sept. 20 and 21. Senator Michael Moore’s S.2152 An Act relative to smart meters is on both agendas. This bill ensures a no-fee opt-out from the impending toxic smart meter rollout.

2. The Telecom, Utilities and Energy Committee chairs appreciate when folks form a panel to testify, and coordinate among themselves different points to cover in their testimonies. Panelists still have three minutes each to speak. (I will be offline until Sept. 19 so cannot coordinate panels myself.) Otherwise, speaking from your own experience individually is powerful, and each one of your stories is different so please register to testify.

3. I have made an accommodations request to have S. 2152 heard early in the proceedings so those with EMS won’t have to be exposed to electromagnetic fields any longer than necessary. The House and Senate do their hearings differently. The Senate in the past has let EMS testimonies be heard early on; the House may take folks in the order they register. I spoke with House Chair Roy’s office and Magda Garncarz suggested when you fill out the form to testify, if it applies, after your last name in parentheses put (EMS) and hopefully they’ll be able to offer accommodations to testify early.

4. To register to speak for three minutes at either or both (in person or virtually), click the link(s) below:

5. Send written testimony to the mutual inbox, JointCommittee.Utilities&Energy@malegislature.gov as well as Abigail.Kuhn@masenate.govMagdalena.Garncarz@mahouse.gov; bcc: MA4SafeTech@gmail.com too if you’d like so I can track what’s coming in and learn from your testimonies. Written or video recorded testimonies are welcomed.

Please be respectful of the committee’s time and be as succinct as you can while presenting the facts.

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