Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate Change
You might be wondering why we have included a page on climate change on a website that wants to halt the use of wireless smart meters in our city (and elsewhere) by educating on and promoting the safe use of technology, so….

What does climate change have to do with smart meters?

According to the Longmont City Council, the Longmont Sustainability Advisory Board, the Climate Action Task Force, and Longmont Power and Communication, smart meters are “the” number one, integral first step in achieving what is known as “net zero.” As we understand it, and simply put, net zero is a state where any gases claimed to be creating global warming (more broadly known now as climate change) especially carbon dioxide and methane, that are released into the atmosphere as a result of human activity, are balanced out by the same amount of the same gases being absorbed by vegetation, the oceans, and by other means. The target year to achieve “net zero”, and as an association, “100% renewable energy”, in Longmont’s case is 2030 (or at least, it was). Ironically or not, the same target exists worldwide as part of the United Nations ‘sustainable development goals.’

So tell us, exactly how do smart meters help us to achieve “net zero”?

Hard to say, really. In essence, this is a question that was asked of the city which, to our knowledge, has never been answered to anyone’s satisfaction (see reference to CORA and open records, below*).

Neither “smart” nor digital “opt-out” meters absorb carbon dioxide, and neither magically transmutes the CO2 in the atmosphere into oxygen, as trees do, nor are they responsible for generating clean, sustainable energy. (One expert engineer even asserts that the meters actually create CO2 thereby adding to the problem, as they use more energy to operate!!! You can go here to geek out on Bill Bathgate’s exact words, but be prepared – if a layperson, you will struggle through some technical, if necessary, jargon!)

Outside of the alleged “magic” of what these digital meters are projected to do by the folks promoting them (and here we include the head of the Longmont Power CO and one Longmont city councilperson in particular), what the smart and “opt-out” digital meters really do is measure our electricity usage, just as our existing analog meters do. However, the smart meter’s ability to chatter and talk to one another in a wireless mesh network means our electrical usage can be sent wirelessly to a neighborhood collection station, whereby our usage and other data are then relayed, ultimately, via fiber optic cables back to the power company. It is therefore not necessary for a power company employee to physically read our meters, thereby saving the power company money.

PHOTO AT LEFT – Landis/Gyr technician works on a neighborhood “collection station,” click here for a fuller description, and to see the collection pole in its entirety…..

It is claimed the “smart” meters are essential for better management of the customer’s power usage, and, therefore, help the city manage its supply and demand needs in a way that cuts down, ultimately, on carbon emissions. At least, this is what we are able to glean as the number one “magic” of smart meters from the City of Longmont’s online literature on the topic (such as it is), in moving us towards a carbon neutral world (a magical world where, by the capture or elimination of just enough atmospheric carbon, the planetary ecosystem springs back into a state of balance). And the wild weather changes we see every day, therefore stabilize, bringing us back to a presumption of “normal.” At least, that is what we “think” is the plan!

(Or is it?) Is there potentially, in actuality, a different plan the rank and file “us” don’t know about, from somewhere other than here, that seeks to get its hooks into the residents and institutions of our city, spending our money on an energy data collection scheme that will not get us where we the residents want to be, or have even voted on, but will get us into planned obsolescence (and meter replacements approximately every seven – fifteen years, if you’re lucky, vs. an old analog meter that, like the Energizer Bunny keeps going and going, for over 27 years in our case, 36 in another), and a lot more of our money wasted, as alleged by certain tech experts, or is it something that connects to a wider plan that has to do with surveillance and control, innocently – and with good intentions – bought into by our local officials? (Hmmmm……things that keep you up at night, thinking.)

Is Longmont Slated to Become a “Smart City?”

Let’s for a minute waver to a slightly different subject, smart cities. As we have stated before, we are not against innovation but we are for safe technology (free of 24/7 surveillance)! With that said, really, has anyone in our city raised their hand in favor of Longmont becoming a smart or fifteen minute city? How and why does a city decide to become a smart city?  By “smart city” we mean a city that is technologically advanced, where everything is wirelessly connected, and information or data collected by sensors (including smart meters) is used to manage the city in an efficient, sustainable, and ecological way. Sounds good on paper until you realize, from a climate change point of view, managing a city in this way is probably not necessary as we explain with some actual facts and hard science, below, from a privacy and freedom point of view, it is definitely not acceptable because of the mass surveillance and personal data collection involved, and from an energy point of view, it is most probably impossible; from a health and environmental impact point of view, it will be very detrimental, not only to the human residents of Longmont but to our fauna and flora as well. This goes back to government by fiat vs we the people voting on an issue, such as smart meters, and whether or not the residents of Longmont want to become a smart city. (Did you vote this in? Has anyone in government asked your opinion on this? We don’t ever recall seeing either smart meters on a ballot initiative, or the idea of becoming a smart city on any local ballot….hmmmmm.) You know, don’t you, it’s improbable, with our trusty old electro mechanical analog meters that we would ever become a “smart” city? Are smart meters therefore a kind of “gateway drug” to becoming a “smart” city? (More things that keep you awake at night…..)
A further discussion on smart cities found below.

How the heck do we get to 100% renewable by 2030 when we are cutting off the energy source/suppliers that allow us, eventually, to get there, maybe…….? (AKA – Are we throwing out the baby with the bath water?)

We can only assume that all of the projected benefits of smart meters are an admission of a future vision where there is not going to be enough electrical power generation (in a clean and sustainable way, naturally) to provide power for the proposed electrification of Longmont (and, everywhere else, eventually). Remember, natural gas, gasoline, and all other fossil fuels, including coal, are planned to be phased out by the “powers-that-be,” by mandates coming from both inside and outside of the country, in the-not-so distant future. Do the “PTB” think that Big Oil and Gas are not going to push back against this policy? Big Oil and Gas have fought back for decades against electric cars and so-called “alternative” energies, even going to the lengths of buying up patents and shelving them and, anecdotally, even going to the lengths of “disappearing” folks with brilliant energy inventions, many of them described as “free energy.” By process of elimination this will leave us with just a single energy source (electricity) to power everything, and although it will be generated from a variety of sources, solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, tidal, and anything else to be found in that kitchen sink, continuing to work off of the model of centralized energy will still leave us quite vulnerable. (Many of us are so entrenched in our comfortable lifestyles that we forget, at this juncture, almost everything in the world depends on fossil fuels, and the creation of full electrification in the world still requires those very fossil fuels for manufacturing most everything needed to get to the goal. And getting “there” depends to a lesser or greater degree on minerals and other things derived from questionable, nay unethical practices and sources.  Take for example the computer we’re using to write this, what allowed for its manufacture? Oil? Coal? Its transport? Natural gas? Oil? And, if you have one, your electric vehicle. You may or may not be so aware of the “carbon footprint” and otherwise unacceptable toxic costs to the earth (and to humans) of that vehicle before it ever leaves the dealership. So where does THAT fact leave us in transitioning to a wholly electrified world?)

“Our narrow focus on the actual use of these vehicles has created blind spots to the true cost of what is required to create these supposedly eco-friendly electric vehicles.”  (Quote from, BHP 089)

So let’s get everything electrified, shall we? Let’s put all our eggs into one basket – yeah, that’s the ticket!!! And use raw materials sourced from highly questionable (dangerous) sources and slave and child labor, while competing with other countries for limited rare resources. (And outlaw so-called “unsustainable” resources, fuel sources, and “things” that we have been, in some instances, dependent on for a century, such as incandescent bulbs!)

Canaries in our midst!

Did “they” stop to consider, in this “rush” to energy sustainability, we have living among us, “canaries” (that are that electrosensitive, not to mention harmed by the various enhanced flicker rates that are found in compact fluorescent bulbs and LEDs compared to incandescent, as shown here), some of whom quite literally experience LED lights as poison or torture! And never mind that we now know that built in obsolescence was, indeed, built into the light bulbs we have known for most of our lives, in the name of making money, for example:

“The cartel took its business of shortening the lifetime of bulbs every bit as seriously as earlier researchers had approached their job of lengthening it. Each factory bound by the cartel agreement—and there were hundreds, including GE’s numerous licensees throughout the world—had to regularly send samples of its bulbs to a central testing laboratory in Switzerland. There, the bulbs were thoroughly vetted against cartel standards. If any factory submitted bulbs lasting longer or shorter than the regulated life span for its type, the factory was obliged to pay a fine.”

Law of Unintended Consequences?

So, couldn’t, wouldn’t you say, somebody is jumping the gun here as regards the law of unintended consequences with the race to bring in “smart” everything….and the race to 100% renewable energy, with not enough years between now and the goal-post to deal with the complexities involved in arriving there? Or are we simply observing in real time Tom Wheeler’s (former FCC chair) “gold rush to 5G” because it sure seems to us, that this gold rush is part of what is fueling all of this, no pun intended!

Yet again, like cigarettes and asbestos, time will show us the extent of this toxic technology. (And although we are not speaking altogether of 5G here, we note that Senator Blumenthal’s 2019 5G hearing before the U.S. Senate made it clear that absolutely no testing had been done, nor was it planned to be on 5G technology and its potential health effects on biological entities. What could go wrong?)

We see the city of Longmont’s above stated renewable energy goal as too extreme, at times tinging upon delusional, and entirely too short sighted, certainly in the near term, and…..with one’s eggs all in a single basket, what could possibly go wrong?!!! (And how many Longmont residents voted for this?)

We are reminded of a song, recently penned, and now in the process of being recorded by a local singer-songwriter we know and love, whose title and them are: “Slow down” (Slow down….we can…..slow down….we can…..go slow…..we can…..slow down). In our view, and in the view of others we know, maybe it would be healthy to….slow down…..this whole process….that is being rushed through at a lightning pace, that outstrips by far, the rhythms of nature. Maybe there is a good intention behind this, as we feel, generally, most of our local officials and city government are well intended (yet very undereducated on the topic of electromagnetic radiation harms). But again, at what cost, what are going to be the unintended consequences our officials simply cannot yet see? Can we……slow down?

As an aside……

By the way, under Longmont’s version of the Freedom of Information Act (*actually, CORA, Colorado Open Records Act) the Longmont City Government was asked to provide studies showing exactly how the smart meters would get Longmont to 100% renewable by 2030. And surprise (no, not really!) – they provided a report from Wales, that did not fill the bill and that showed no actual benefit from these meters!!!

Smart meters, either by themselves or as part of a wider electric scheme have little to do (in our view) with managing climate change. As mentioned, they can’t generate clean and green electricity, and even our own city government cannot provide evidence that they will do what the city asserts they will, i.e., be the number one contributor to 100% renewable by the year 2030. That’s the goal. Au contraire, the study that was provided to a resident as mentioned above, a Welsh study, confusingly, showed zero benefit whatever from their very comprehensive environmental data. And that was what was provided by way of evidence that they will do what the city says (hopes) they will?!

(Which leads us to opine, semi-humorously: has some kind of a green “corporate-culture ufo” with an oppressive mindset descended on this town, “abducting” our leaders’ minds and thinking, along with the city’s various departments, boards, and committees, including our municipal power company? Could we be seeing a form of Mass Formation Psychosis, a theme, nay, phenomenon that emerged widely in the past three years? Are we there again? The above video is only 8 minutes long and worth a view.)

Our Thoughts:

We think we are there again, as we observe a kind of one pointed mindset, even echo chamber, city-wide on how to get Longmont to net zero, and fast…, fastest? And taking this one step further, unbeknownst to the rest of the population of Longmont, are we on a fast track to becoming “smart?

(Can we not….slow down….???)

Greenwashing the Green Man?

It is clear to many of us that some members of these bodies have been (for want of a better word) “greenwashed” to the belief that net zero by 2030 is something to be had at any cost, including human suffering* (that comes about via unrealistic and not-well-thought out plans ripping essential fuel, even light sources away from residents, really, by fiat; this includes the electrification and irradiation by EMR and LED of an entire city, and the removal of most incandescent lights in favor of retina damaging LEDs without apparent second thought for the residents’ health, never mind those with electromagnetic sensitivity). This entrenched belief, that we must get rid of all fossil fuels in order to be “sustainable,” go all electric, including our vehicles, and get to net zero “soonest” borders on climate change as a religion, and virtue signaling at its “finest.”

And what will happen to the 45,000 or so existing fully functional electro-mechanical (analog) meters that will be removed in favor of the new smart meters? Will they just be thrown in a landfill?

The Church of Climate Change? True Religion or Cultish Insanity?

*Recent events in Maui, as they unravel before us, demonstrate how a person in authority in a position to save lives, but with an almost mythical obsession on the “equity” of water conservation, would NOT release the water to residents, that could have saved lives, including, it is alleged, hundreds, perhaps thousands of children, in the savage fires that destroyed the town of Lahaina. Now THAT, we think, is the literal height of religious “climate change” insanity.

We believe the motivations of many people both in and out of government are perhaps well intended, noble, and for the “right” reasons. But we also question (with great intensity) the panicked push for smart meters, electrification, and 100% renewable energy by 2030 at all costs, as stated above. Is it not possible that a better strategy for the coming times, where the environment and weather seem unstable and climate “events” are happening on a daily basis worldwide due to a claimed global warming gas known as carbon dioxide (more on this later), that we look in a different direction to another model, that of decentralized generation and management of power?

The current centralized models to do with solar, wind, and other “so called sustainable” or “green” energy generation, again, seem like more of the same, putting the centralized power grid at risk from all kinds of things, including solar activity, and in the hands of a lofty few, but not empowering the people, pun intended!  On paper, wind and solar sound great, but are they really? (A brief examination of the writings of Katie Singer will let you know where the weaknesses lie.)

A Lose-Lose Situation….(aka Damn You, White Whale!!!)

A look at the daily news will inform you that whales may be going extinct due to offshore wind generation. On the one hand we want to save the whales, on the other hand….the quest for “green” energy, profits, and a good social credit score lead us into the sea, where real possibilities exist for unforeseen dangers and risks to our sea creatures. Does corporate killing of whales as a side effect of offshore wind turbines count as a negative or positive SCS/social credit score (SCS – synonymous with ESG, environmental, social and governance metrics)? On the one fin you are generating so called “green” energy; on the other, you are likely causing the premature demise of already endangered sea mammals. Who wins? Certainly not the whales.

Law of Unintended consequences.

Everyone we know wants to save the whales, however; where in the recent past have we experienced the rushing of a process that resulted in unintended consequences that are now becoming evident, especially through insurance companies and people concerned with tracking economic statistics, including death statistics? The above mentioned “captured” kind of thinking, of governments, officials, and the media in a totally panicked “mockingbird” lockstep, whose point, we think, is to beat the drum of fear, scaring the public with dire predictions and dramatic footage of the events of the day, has created a headlong rush (over a cliff?) to achieve net zero because…..”climate change,” the mantra of the day, no, the decade, no….perhaps the century! Who else besides the whales stands to be caught up in the literal-figurative (Inter) net of unintended, unforeseen extinction-potential consequences, as “clean” energy continues to be pushed down everyone’s throats, and wireless tech is promulgated and propagandized as a saviour throughout the land? (We can think of a few: birds, bees, soil microorganisms, humans, animals, plants….who did we miss?)

Food Chain

In our view, there is a food chain in all this, and at the very top of this food chain (even above the U.N. and W.H.O.) are certain individuals and entities with their own agendas, who continually pepper the world of NGOs (non governmental organizations), educational and research institutions, and even media and governments, with billions of dollars, creating, again, captured institutions and governments; there are greedy, wealthy individuals, associated with a multitude of corporations, who are pulling the strings with their billions in influence, and who work to create a collective panic such as what we witnessed in the past few years, to drive we lemmings over the cliff, the sheep into the barn (with a yippy sheep dog nipping at our heels) and then claiming their technology will be the solution and magic bullet (problem-reaction-solution) that was supposed to enable us to visit granny without making her sick (which turned out to be completely untrue), and that will now get us to 100% renewable energy and net zero by 2030!!! Phew. Can you see how the wool could be pulled over the eyes of the Platte River Power Authority regarding the latter, whose board is made up of the four mayors and four heads of each municipal power company of the (four) participating member cities (Longmont, Loveland, Ft. Collins and Estes Park)? No doubt there are other forces involved too, which you can read about here.

What we need in our city government and associated boards and committees, and in our municipal power company, are open minded people and independent thinkers who openly question the party-line/industry “facts,”  don’t follow the herd, use common sense, are creative, and at least have some modicum of intelligence! Oh, and a city council with members who actually listen to and represent the needs and desires of their electors, instead of the desires of industry, and other influential individuals, organizations, or well heeled lobbyists.

Lacks Merit…..

As we see it, the reason for the smart meter rollout is without merit, as the experts we follow think the meters play little to no role in curbing climate change, which is one of the main reasons put forward for their implementation, and in fact, add TO carbon in the atmosphere.

But even if they did what the city claims, what about climate change itself? Is it really happening, is “climate change” real, and if it is, is it caused by human activity; are the so-called greenhouse gases actually doing what we’re being told they do? And if we were to achieve net zero (presuming it were possible to do so over the entire planet) would it really make a difference to current weather patterns? And what about those scientists stepping forward who disagree with the narrative being pushed via our governments and mainstream media? We would assert that the science surrounding climate change, to say the least, is
arguable (and is being argued, but then censored!).  (More questions to keep you awake at night…)

If being the cornerstone of achieving net zero is, in fact, not the actual reason to “deploy” smart meters, as queried above, then there must be something else. Was this technology simply created to save power companies money and provide the manufacturers with a nice profit, or created, well, just because they could, like they had nothing better to do? Or is the real reason (intentionally or not) misdirected thinking by city government being pressured by edicts from somewhere else, so called climate experts, paid-for scientists and so-called experts, and politically motivated environmentalists? Could it be a desire by someone in our local government to leave a career legacy, fueled by ego, having worked within the “smart” industry? Or could there be other, even more, nefarious reasons, as also briefly touched upon above, and also at the end of this page, and a bigger picture that even our city government, the folks in our local utility itself, or even the manufacturers of the meters, may not be altogether aware of?

More answers can be found on the Smart Phones page of this website under the heading; “What else could our smart phones be used for?”

Apart from smart meters, below is a list of other technologies and initiatives that are being heavily pushed and foisted upon us (by the media among others, in the “effort to control our changing climate”)……and/or that are complicit in creating the conditions for climate problems due to multiple factors, including the 5G “energy vampire.”

The “clean energy technologies” listed below seem to create more problems than solutions…


The “5G Energy Vampire”……..

Quote is from 2020 article by Dr. Devra Davis of Environmental Health Trust.

“Among the numerous missed stories of last year, was a report by a climate think tank on the environmental impact of our digital revolution calling for urgent action to reduce our use of cell phones, digital devices and the internet of things (IOT). In short, experts warn that the phenomenal growth of interconnected wireless devices, data centers and networks central to the digital revolution contributes to global warming more than it helps to prevent it. It turns out that the highly touted next-generation 5G wireless technology has serious climate impacts.”

We discuss 5G in more depth here.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

(We are not taking into account in the below, that both electric vehicles and hybrids bear a heavy environmental footprint BEFORE they ever make it to your driveway, but that is not something that the folks cheerleading this effort are talking about, or perhaps even fully aware of.)

Pros – Superior performance in many cases, occasional subsidies offered on new purchases, cheaper to run with less maintenance, quiet, clean, and non-polluting at the tailpipe, so to speak. New advancements in battery technology may overcome their relatively short range, battery life, charging times, and environmental impact.

Cons – Cost more to buy new, poor resale value, prohibitive cost to replace the battery, dangerous electrical fires that are nearly impossible to put out, range-restricted, particularly in colder climates, long recharging times, currently infrequent public charging stations, battery currently environmentally unfriendly to manufacture.

Heat Pumps

Pros – These planned replacements for gas furnaces come in the form of a large standalone unit positioned at the side of your home, just like an A/C unit, but quite a bit larger. They utilize the refrigeration effect to provide heating in the winter and, if required, cooling in the summer. More efficient for producing heat than a gas furnace in warm or temperate climates. A nifty idea, but…

Cons – Not so efficient for heating in colder climates. More complicated than a gas furnace, and oddly, may require the help of a gas furnace in colder climates. They have a shorter lifespan than gas furnaces and require more maintenance. Aesthetically ugly!

Solar Panels

Pros – Cheap, clean, non-polluting electricity production. Great for off-grid use when placed on rooftops. Excess power generation can be sold back to the power company or stored in batteries. Advancements are being made all the time to create better efficiency and to make them more environmentally friendly.

Cons – Solar farms cover up valuable food-producing farmland, and are currently environmentally unfriendly to manufacture and dispose of. Can create dirty electricity, and the Sun doesn’t always shine so energy is not always generated when required unless battery storage is used.

Smart Meters

Read about the pros but mostly cons on this page.
(And perhaps there is a pun in the word “cons” here?!)

Suffice it to say, the risks far outweigh the benefits in our estimation.

Wind Farms

Pros – Cheap, clean, non-polluting electricity production.

Cons – Not friendly to birds. Produce strong electromagnetic fields and land currents, blades cannot be recycled, and have to be buried in landfills when lifespan ends. Also, the wind doesn’t always blow!

This speaks for itself.

Weather Manipulation – The Best Climate Change that Money Can Buy?!!!

For as many decades as we can count, now, if you looked up at the sky you would see plane contrails that last for hours, spreading out to eventually create a milky cloud covering across the sky. This is not normal to the average person going about his/her daily life, and has gone relatively unnoticed, or sloughed off as regular jet “contrails.” In other circles, and we would include our own, this phenomenon is generally accepted to be part of a weather manipulation program using aircraft to spray the atmosphere with aluminum nanoparticles, and perhaps other things as well, in a (patented) effort to reflect sunlight back into space, as well as utilizing HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) allegedly to create weather anomalies that don’t exist in nature, by manipulating the ionosphere.

We believe at least in part, that the purpose of this ongoing program is to create weather circumstances that can be blamed for our current “climate emergency,” so as to give the excuse that man-made activities are the cause in order to impose a perpetual global “lockdown.” In other words, we the people are the problem! Of course, power and control over the masses of “unwashed useless eaters ” are the real reasons.

Personalities such as Dane Wigington of with his bracing and well documented film on the climate engineering that’s been with us for years, and Mike Morales, a maverick weather forecaster/educator, now recently, sadly, passed away, have been opening our eyes to these realities for years, at this juncture, for those with “ears to hear and eyes to see.” And it is not a far cry to find the actual websites scattered around the globe of companies that are and have been, for decades, and for a price, doing such things as creating snow in the deserts and rain in arid climes. One such program was given a big “no thank you” recently by Mexico, who seems to have shown some common sense in this instance, to a scheme to dim the sun and therefore reduce global heating.

“Mexico announced……a set of measures to ban solar geoengineering experiments in the country after a US startup began releasing sulfur particles into the atmosphere in the northern state of Baja California.”

Where Is This All Headed? Smart Meters, Smart Phones, Smart 15-Minute Electrified Cities?

In our estimation, and it’s not at all hard to find the evidence that it’s so, this is what all of the above, including smart meters and smart phones, is leading up to, where fossil fuels are a thing of the past, and everything is powered by electricity generated by clean and sustainable means. As everything is powered by electricity, and wireless communications connect everything via 5G (and subsequent “Gs” – successive wireless generations the majority of us know even less about but that are already in the works), once 5G is a done deal, it will allow the implementation of new technologies, including the “Internet of Things,” “autonomous vehicles/driverless cars,” and “virtual reality” on a much more widely adopted scale. Computerized surveillance and payment systems powered by AI, facial recognition, and much much more (some of it already on display at a local Walmart!) will track and control our every move, and, depending on how “virtuous” we are, restrict or condone our travel, all in the name of controlling carbon emissions, and, thereby presumably quelling the changing climate back into docility. All you need to do to see this plan already in place is look at what’s happened in China! Eventually (or sooner than we think, as with Oxford, England) we may be limited in traveling more than 15 minutes away from our homes, and everything will allegedly be provided within a 15-minute parameter of where we live, to encourage us to stay put and think small. The problem is, without oil and natural gas (and even nuclear, if some folks get their way) where is all the electricity going to come from to power our uber-connected (and hyper-surveilled) existence?

The very fact “they” want us to not travel very far is a further admission, as already mentioned above, that energy generation in the future will be rationed, as, without fossil fuels, there won’t be enough. Do you really think that if we ever do get to net zero, and climate change is a thing of the past (and this, of course, is questionable), the 15-minute city idea will be scrapped? We think NOT!! And if you think that you will have a say about what’s next on the menu, you may have to think again. We wonder, where is the vote or input from we, the public? (And if you think your city will not become a smart city, you may well be surprised, as we were, by looking at the roster of attendee cities who’ve signed onto this on this list of participants at the upcoming “Smart Cities Connect” conference slated for 2024 in Raleigh, NC. We say it will make you wonder (it may also make you sick!). And yes (to not keep you in suspense any longer), Longmont is on the list, along with a LOT of other Colorado cities. We wonder who in our city government will be there, representing our city? And when were they going to tell us, or let us weigh in on whether this is something we the people of Longmont actually want?!

When we re-posted this as it was making the rounds a couple of years ago on Facebook, it was fact checked as “partly true.” This photo was alleged to have been taken in Texas two winters ago when the grid failed the people, and disaster followed. What the whole truth here, is, we don’t know, but suffice to say, if you have to de-ice a wind turbine in this way, how “sustainable” is this “greenhouse gas saver,” especially when it fails you in freezing weather? (We seemed to recall this event was over a Valentine’s Day weekend, and Longmont, too, received freezing wintry weather that nearly caused our own grid to fail, causing great concern in many corners, of people who pay attention to these kinds of things!!!!!)

Climate change – is it real or is it Memorex?

It used to be called “global warming” and then it changed to “climate change,” and now all of a sudden it’s “global boiling.” So which is it, and how did we get from “warming” to “boiling” and who’s the decider? It seems the PR machine from “somewhere” is working overtime to come up with the right slogan that will be the most “catchy” and that can replace “safe and effective” which, as we all know, was used during the last “global emergency.” But even “safe and effective” started off with “we are all in this together” (and “two weeks to flatten the curve!”). Do you remember those PR talking points, endlessly repeated through the mockingbird press with graphics to boot, engrained on the photographic plates of our minds? (Thankfully, where we are located “things” were a bit gentler on the system than in many other places in the world, so we are grateful we made it through as relatively intact as we did.

As with “safe and effective,” an abundance of doctors, scientists, and other experts in the medical field agreed that none of the above catchphrases were actually true, and those who dissented from the official narratives were quickly “canceled” from social media platforms, and attempts were made to destroy their careers in a “Soviet” style clampdown. Now, the same is happening all over again, only this time it’s with climate change, or whatever you want to call it. All of the climate scientists you hear on mainstream media claim climate change is real, it is human caused, and we need to do something about it YESTERDAY (or else, well, most of you have seen too many disaster movies already!). However, there are also just as many climate scientists you don’t hear in the mainstream media who have very different views, and they have the scientific studies, and the hard data, to back them up.

The Media Hype:

UN chief says Earth in era of “Global Boiling”, calls for radical action

NPR Says that Climate Change is “Settled Science”  (we beg to differ; the report infers that Republicans must like it hot….we are neither Blue nor Red, but critical thinkers trying to think outside the box…..and we beg to differ with the slant of this article despite its graphs).

There is so much more to be found on this topic, a quick search will take you there….but we ask you, the reader, this one question: we know there have been eras in the earth’s history where there was immense “climate change.” Indeed, it has been much warmer and much colder in the past, with carbon dioxide in our atmosphere hundreds of times the concentration we see today. But in recorded human history was there ever a time when we had access to the type of informational distribution we have today with its ability to track this phenomenon of a planet in change on a near moment-to-moment basis, ie, in real time? Of course not. So how can we attribute these major (apparent) changes in the planet’s innate weather systems “infrastructure” to human activity when the history of a changing climate on earth (as evidenced by many credible research scientists of the current day) has been an ongoing event for eons, whether or not humans were there to witness it. Looking further outside the box, we think that humans ought to be looking 1) at what’s happening on and with the sun and within the cosmos and 2) asking hard questions about the planet-wide weather manipulation programs, and demanding that they be halted. The last thing we need is Bill Gates, Harvard University and other miscellaneous uber-wealthy famous names putting yet more particulate matter into our collectively owned atmosphere in an attempt to dim the sun in order to curb global heating.

“If You Guys Don’t Get Your Act Together, Were Going To Cook”
More fear-mongering from the first United Nations “Climate Report Card” emphasizes the need for fast and transformative changes.


(In Our Opinion) Some of the Real Science of Climate Change:

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Besides the hype, here are other things that can be found in the media:

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Nobel Prize Winner Who Doesn’t Believe Climate Crisis Has Speech Canceled

So who do we believe, and what do we do?!!!!

Will smart meters and electric vehicles and smart cities, indeed, save us from ourselves????


The climate on Earth is always changing and always has. If it had never changed the whole human race would still be living in an area where the nation of Botswana is today. In the past, changing weather patterns occasionally forced us to move to places where the climate was more hospitable, and where food was more plentiful. In ancient times we crossed land bridges when the seas were lower. Climate change in the ancient past allowed, nay, forced us, to travel to all corners of the Earth in search of better living conditions.

Is the climate changing right now? Well, the global temperatures do appear to be getting warmer and carbon dioxide is rising at an alarming rate, but if you look at global temperatures and carbon dioxide levels over the past few hundred million years you will get some kind of perspective, and you will see both temperatures and carbon dioxide levels were both generally much higher than they are today. Yes, you read that right! As far as carbon dioxide levels are concerned, we are actually at an all-time low! This is a fact that cannot be denied. And furthermore, the higher the concentration of carbon dioxide there is the less effect it has on warming the climate. Another fact! There’s little doubt that releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels has had some effect on global temperatures, but there are so many other factors at play also. The increase in carbon dioxide is not enough to cause a catastrophe.

In our opinion, the mainstream media are hyping up human-caused global warming as much as they can and putting the blame fully on human activities. But having lived here in Colorado for several decades we would say as a generalization it hasn’t really changed all that much. At different times we have had hot dry summers and mild to cold winters. Some years we’ve had more snow, some years less, and others years we have had very hot and dry summers, other summers, like the one we are currently experiencing in 2023, have been on average cooler and wetter, while other areas in the south of the United States and around the Mediterranean have been much hotter, resulting in terrible forest fires. Forest fires are not new, by the way, but we think you have to question why, in recent years, they have become so fierce and numerous! Something is not right about the worst of them. In fact, some are not even forest fires, but building fires, with a fire being blown by an unusually fierce wind spreading quickly from house to house and often leaving any trees completely untouched! It’s almost as if they have been deliberately ignited, escalated, perhaps by the tons of aluminum nanoparticles being sprayed into our atmosphere to block the Sun, which eventually fall to earth, and then directed, perhaps by HAARP. (Yet again, things that keep you up at night, thinking…..)

As evidenced by the information presented above, global warming, or climate change, is taking place, but greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere by human activity are having a relatively minor impact. In fact, as mentioned above, looking back millions of years, the Earth’s atmosphere had hundreds of times the amount of carbon dioxide than it does today. Where did that come from?

The primary cause of climate change, as it always has been, is solar activity, the Earth’s changing tilt, and its varying orbit around the Sun. Whether the causes of carbon dioxide fluctuations in our atmosphere have been caused by geological activity and vegetation, or in more recent times, by human activity, there doesn’t appear to be much of a correlation with global temperatures, at least not anywhere near as much as we have been led to believe.

If you ask an expert how much oxygen there is in the atmosphere they will tell you it’s approximately 20%. If you ask the media how much carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere they will say approximately 400 parts per million. Why don’t they just tell you it’s 0.04%? Doesn’t sound very much does it when expressed as a percentage. Maybe it is because, psychologically speaking, the latter appears smaller than the former, yet they are both the same! If climate change is happening right now then perhaps it’s only a coincidence that it is happening at a time of human industrialization.

Whatever we do as humans to try to curb our release of greenhouse gases (as they seem to be historically so small anyway compared to other gases in our atmosphere) it probably isn’t going to make but the slightest bit of difference, and therefore making irrelevant, the smart meters that the city is pinning all its high hopes on.

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