Remarks on Dr. Curry’s interview

A couple of followers made these interesting remarks related to Dr. Curry’s interview:

“As a geologist, I just roll my eyes at how ignorant 99% of people are with regard to past catastrophic processes documented in the geologic record. Man-made global warming is a political construct. Geologic time is not really understood by 99% of humanity. By the way, global warming is much preferred to global cooling; can you imagine the shift of humanity from NYC, Baltimore, Chicago etc southward as the continental ice sheet moves south! Vegetables and fruits don’t grow well in an arctic climate”

“One thing I learned in Kindergarten is that if “everyone” is saying the same thing then only one of them is thinking. The most important take away from this interview is: How to we enact practical policy from sober, methodical and honest science? The current system of acting on the impulses of the loudest screamers in the room has us heading over a cliff.”

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