Sample Testimonials Submitted to ART

Americans for Responsible Technology (ART) provides the following real life sample public input comments / testimonials that you may model your own comments to the FDA on….


“I’ve been relatively healthy my entire life. Then a ‘smart’ electric meter was installed on our home. Within a few days I started to have headaches, felt nauseas and dizzy and had to lie down. I had trouble sleeping, and found it very difficult to read or concentrate on anything. When we went on a weeklong vacation, the symptoms gradually disappeared and I felt like myself again, but upon returning the symptoms came back. We tried contacting the utility company to see if they would put our old meter back. We were told that the government has approved these meters as ‘safe’ and we could not have our old meter back. Now we are looking for a new place to live – one that does NOT have a “smart’ utility meter. I know I am not alone – many people are suffering the same way. The FDA is supposed to protect public health, not just sit back and let people be exposed to something that can ruin their life.”
– Charlotte M., New Haven CT

“My daughter is in the fourth grade. She’s a good student and has always done well in school. She enjoys playing sports and up until this year has always been active and healthy. This year she has been complaining of headaches and dizziness while at school. The teacher has sent her to the nurse’s office several times, and I have had to leave work to pick her up and take her home. She feels much better at home and the symptoms disappear. I know that the school recently installed new Wi-Fi in all the classrooms, and each child has their own tablet to use. We use wired internet at home. I think my daughter’s health problems may be caused by the Wi-Fi at school. I was shocked to learn that the FDA has done no testing or evaluation of the recent science linking exposure to RF radiation with serious health problems. I sincerely hope the FDA will investigate this public health issue as soon as possible. Parents like me deserve to know if our schools are safe.”
– Jessica S., Memphis TN

“My wife is in real estate, and spends a lot of time on her phone, mostly holding it against her
head. Last year she developed a lump on the side of her face that we found out was a parotid
gland tumor. The doctor asked her if she always held the phone on her right side where the
tumor was (she did.) He said he strongly suspected that the radiation from the cell phone
caused her cancer. What in the world is the FDA thinking of? How can you allow people to
continue to use wireless devices without warning them of the potential danger! Our family
would not have to live through this if the FDA was doing its job! Shame on the FDA!”
– Robert W., Portland OR

“I work for a state government agency and use my phone constantly. I was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, and the surgeon at the hospital said to me, ‘You know this is a cell phone tumor, right?’ If doctors know that cellphone radiation causes cancer, how is it possible that the FDA is not warning people of the dangers of this type of radiation? My cancer was detected late, and the doctors are not optimistic about my prognosis. Thanks a lot, FDA.”
– Josh P., New York, NY

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