Birds and Bees

Birds and Bees, Pollinators, Pets and Children……

Birds and BeesOf course, no family discussion is complete
without explaining a few things about the birds and the bees. It has come to our attention (and in spades!) that, Houston, there is yet another problem, and if we lose our bees, with toxic EMF being a potential contributor of causation, the very real possibility exists of us losing a large portion of our food supply; if you didn’t already know, pollinators provide the ability for us to have perhaps 70% of the existing foods we take for granted on supermarket shelves. (The actual percentage varies by whose data set you choose to embrace, but nevertheless, whatever the actual percentage, this is a real concern.) Not to mention something in our world called the food chain, where all living things, from the tiniest to the greatest, feed off of one another. As you will see and read below, this food chain, which ensures the continuation of birds and bees, and innumerable other living species on the planet, is being disrupted by multiple vectors, one of which, although not often considered, is the increase in ubiquitous wireless radiation in the greater environment.

Enter Olle Johansson of Stockholm Sweden….
A living legend in the field of EMF/EMR research, originator of the terms “electro-hypersensitive” or “EHS” and “screen dermatitis” which refers to computer screens’ observed effects on facial skin.

It should be noted that we are not the only species in jeopardy, practically all animals, plants, and bacteria may be at stake. For the latter, Taheri et al (2017) have demonstrated that the exposure to 900 MHz GSM mobile phone radiation and 2.4 GHz radiofrequency radiation emitted from common Wi-Fi routers made Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli resistant to different antibiotics. To say this finding is “scary” is a classical English understatement.

Quote taken from Prof. Johansson’s August 2022 letter to Longmont City Council, advising against the rolling out of smart meters in our city… the entire letter HERE.

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Below you will find various videos and links to Professor Johansson, formerly of the Karolinska Institute of Sweden, now retired but still actively researching. Prof. Johansson has stepped up to the plate for Longmont twice, in a big way; once, for our March of 2022 online Smart Meter Town Hall, and half a year later in writing a letter directly to Longmont City Council, and in the most articulate of verbiage requesting that Longmont stop the smart meters on the basis of the Precautionary Principle.

No Bees = No Food = No Children

The above is a link to a half-hour video from Zipps Media where Prof. Olle Johansson discusses the ubiquitous EMF situation/pollution in our world as being potentially causative in the decline of our bees, pollinators, and soil microorganisms. It is not a pretty picture but is required viewing. Professor Johansson, by the way, is a leading world authority on electrohypersensitivity (EHS/EMS) who, in his earlier research days coined the acronym EHS. He is a retired Professor and researcher in the Department of Neurology and Dermatology at Sweden’s famed Karolinska (think Nobel Prize) Institute but is still active in his EMF research. In particular, he is passionate about studying the effects of RF/radio frequency on insects, especially bees and pollinators.

You can also view Prof. Johansson here speaking on the disappearing pollinators at our Smart Meter Town Hall video, where he is the fourth and final speaker. This online Town Hall Meeting was made during the pandemic and especially for Longmont, to educate the citizenry and local government here on the various problems associated with bringing in wireless smart meters.

In another video, Olle J. speaks on the Precautionary Principle to an audience in Krakow, Poland, about twenty minutes in length.

Professor Johansson also apprised us of this report on the situation on the Greek isle of Samos, observations of the disappearance of insects shortly after the implementation of 5th generation wireless (5G) infrastructure on that island…… Olle encourages us all to do our own “citizen science” perhaps modeled on what the astute author of the above report has done. We couldn’t agree more!









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From the Environmental Health Trust:

report to UNESCO by botanist Mark Broomhall details the association between increasing amounts of electromagnetic radiation and species disappearance and exodus from the Mt. Nardi area in New South Wales, Australia, of the Nightcap National Park World Heritage Area during a 15-year period (2000-2015.) Mt. Nardi has a tower complex, an installation of wireless antennas, that has steadily increased the electromagnetic emissions in the areas as new antennas were added over the years.  The report contains a timeline of the activation of new antennas and documents the endangered birds, bats, and plants that have decreased in the area. In addition, he states that since the year 2000, flying insects have been noticeably diminishing. He estimates that 70 to 90% of the wildlife has become rare or has disappeared from the Nightcap National Park within a 2-3 km radius of the Mt. Nardi tower complex …….read the entire article here.


Wireless, Wildlife and the Environment

Environmental Health Trust,  a scientific non profit presents:

A Science, Policy and Law Webinar on the Impacts to Flora and Fauna from Cell Towers, Wireless Networks and Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation

The rapid proliferation of wireless antennas (including those on cell towers, 5G/4G small cells and rooftops) into national parks, wilderness, urban and suburban ecosystems is increasing the environmental levels of non-ionizing radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation. Scientific evidence indicates that wireless RF and other non-ionizing electromagnetic fields are an environmental pollutant presenting critical exposure risks to wildlife and the natural environment.

This is a comprehensive and very current video report including the research findings of a number of known scientists/researchers……just about everything you wanted to know on wildlife and negative impacts from ambient EMF.  It is jaw-dropping in its implications on the subject of harm that we’re doing to our wildlife with the encroachment everywhere of wireless technologies.

Wildlife Biologist Albert Manville, Ph.D., is the first on the roster of presenters (if you have time to listen to nothing else) what he presents to us here is highly relevant to the increasing ambient emf in the environment, including what we will soon be experiencing in Longmont via the AMI meters and their mesh network (and dare we say, above and beyond what already exists as a three dimensional grid of electronic smog that, when made visible, is actually pretty disturbing).

We are already over-saturated with (woefully under-regulated) ambient emf, and Dr. Manville outlines more of what we can look forward to by way of damage to our wildlife, including birds, bats, other pollinators, and microorganisms.

Recorded in spring 2023.

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“Old” news, more relevant than ever…….Bee Culture Magazine of American Beekeeping from one year back, published two articles by Ross Conrad on the impact of electromagnetic fields on bees and pollinators.

Electromagnetic Frequencies and Your Animals, What Your Animals Want You to Know

“In this episode of Talk Animal, host Judy Anderson and guest Dr. Patricia Jordan talk about the reaction of humans and animals to EMF. Furthermore, Dr. Patricia shares that there are about 1,500 doctors and researchers across the globe asking the World Health Organization to let people know about the effects of EMFs on the body. Tune in and join Judy and Dr. Patricia to discuss how cell towers and other EMF emitting stations affect the calcium in your body and your animals.”

On the top of the building shown in this picture is a (disguised) cellular base station, installed several years ago, you can see it jutting up, which caused all the residents of the fourth/top floor to move within a year, and which caused significant injury and illness to theses residents, including the death of pets. The building is in Loveland, Colorado, and is a re-dedicated space, supposedly affordable housing for artists, as it is called “ArtSpace,” but obviously not so affordable when some residents are made ill, pets die and everyone has to move. At what cost does one achieve “affordable” housing for artists? The last we heard, not only were there mentions of lawsuits around this incident but the ArtSpace itself was continuing to advertise to rent out the vacated spaces on the fourth floor. We don’t know for sure the truth of the matter, but would YOU rent an apartment in such a space and situation?)

NOW…..After reading the above headline, “Electromagnetic Frequencies and Your Animals….” and seeing what some artists in Loveland, CO have endured at the expense of wireless telecom monied interests,

….have YOU ever stopped to think about the effects of toxic emf on your pets, our furry friends, such as the two little sweeties shown in the picture below? (Hopefully, this is a wake up call if you haven’t……)

If you never considered this, the answer is, yes, in fact, they are affected, as evidenced by a quick Internet search on the effects of toxic emf on creatures other than humans…..this vet, in the above interview, Dr. Patricia Jordan generously shares what she knows….furthermore:

Did you ever stop to think that the ears and whiskers of your sweet dog or cat friends serve as antennae in an age where broadcast frequencies in the form of microwaves are everywhere, especially if you are not hard-wired in your home? What about the wildlife that roam through our towns, such as the deer below, in a friend’s back garden in Boulder, CO; we often hear tales of one disease/blight or another, how do we know these blights are not contributed to by the ambient microwave exposure from cell towers, cellular base stations, ambient WiFi in the environment, how would we know? (See the above video with Dr. Manville for an answer to that question!)

And with the further planned incursion of cellular coverage in our most treasured natural places and parks, what could lie ahead for our precious wildlife? We hear almost daily about species extinction. And the above mentioned Greek Isle of Samos “citizen science” reporting is surely a cautionary tale against the unbridled proliferation of wireless, isn’t it? These beautiful creatures found in the wild cannot speak for themselves, so how can they tell us if they’re suffering from toxic EMF?

And what about the legs and wings of all the flying creatures, especially the insects when it comes to 5G millimeter waves? These wavelengths, in some instances, are quite small, and approximate the various body parts of the insects, as science is now showing, leading to unwanted effects in these wild populations.

And what about your own children? Their brains and skulls and still developing, do you ever think twice when giving your child a powered on, RF broadcasting device to hold in his or her hand to play with?









There is so much unconsciousness around this topic, it is a travesty. Imagine putting a miniature cell tower into the hand of a two year old just to keep them occupied (screen addiction begins these days at very young ages but at what cost?). You don’t have to go far to imagine this, just go to the store or the laundromat, and it’s right there in front of your eyes – you will find this child-endangering behavior nearly everywhere you look!


The graphic on the left was published with an article containing the following quote from Amelia Gilardi of Pittsfield, MA, a now 15 year old young girl who suffered being displaced from her home as a result of the installation of a Verizon cell tower in her neighborhood. Flipping the “on” switch of this tower left both her and her sister vomiting nightly, with buckets placed at the ends of their beds in their home which they were forced to abandon. Three years in and they still are not yet back home. Their story is an ongoing saga of “fighting the system” so to speak, in advocacy of safe practices around EMF and wireless, especially where children are involved. Here is a partial quote from the article which,  at this link  you can read the entirety of:

“We started meeting families from all over with everyday kids, like us, who had been harmed from wireless radiation either from cell towers or mobile devices. Why, if so many people were being hurt from this, was no one helping them?

So the truly bad, no good part is that the science is here but our legislators simply are not responding fast enough. Dr. Paul Heroux, Dr. Martha Herbert, Dr. Magda Havas, Dr. Cindy Russell, Dr. Sharon Goldberg, Theodora Scarato, Cecelia Doucette and many others have tried to educate Pittsfield about these issues. They have been silenced at our Board of Health meeting, and any letters from them or offers to present information or assist with an investigation have fallen on deaf ears.

My mom would ground me if I was told not to do something and I kept doing it over and over. I’ve heard my grandma say, “When we know better, we do better.”

Amelia is a child forced into becoming an adult all too soon by forces completely beyond her control.

Read another article authored by Amelia, herself, on Earth Day of 2021, when she was only 13……

“Amelia’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Cell Tower Days”






Read more childrens’ testimonials here.

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Amelia’s words have, in the past three years, been echoed in the town halls of Longmont, and (in some cases, especially) have fallen on deaf ears, as the rollout of “smart” meters continues unabated to date (Nov. ’23). As a matter of fact, and in a surprise move, both Amelia and her mom, Courtney Gilardi showed up at a virtual Longmont Sustainability Advisory Board meeting at the beginning of 2023, to plead with the city to NOT install the meters, and to urge the city to behave responsibly towards its residents (so far, still to no avail). You can hear their remarks to Longmont here, beginning at minute 50:20……(there are also three other commenters who follow them with remarks on smart meters…..our city officials would do well to re-visit and pay closer attention to these intelligent and informative commentaries, and then behave accordingly, make some changes to the structure of Longmont’s AMI program that are much more in alignment with the public interest than the current policies are).

We believe in and support the idea of letting kids be kids, WITHOUT cell phones!!! THAT would be our suggestion on kids and safe technology, among others – to do with hardwiring your home and getting rid of WiFi in favor of wired Internet. (We would also suggest parents take up the gauntlet to highly encourage schools to hardwire any use of technology, such as tablets and laptops…..and to hold those in positions of authority accountable. See here for more about the legal accountability for your children’s well being, of administrators and others in authority in the schools, and to put your school officials on notice.)


And never mind, a smart meter, not unlike a cellular phone, is also a two-way broadcasting miniature cell tower, only this time in or on a breaker box on the side of your house, that broadcasts 24/7, no turning it off, where you, your children, grandchildren, pets and other flora and fauna reside……

Graphic used by kind permission of Florie Freshman.


China bans smartphones in all primary and secondary schools
Russia bans Wi-Fi and smartphones for distance learning

Where are the headlines saying the USA is banning smartphones in primary and

secondary schools, and Wi-Fi and smartphones for distance learning? (Or discouraging the use of these devices near to a pregnant woman’s belly?)

When will it be time to stop this insanity?

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